How to Use Dowel Wizard


The Dowel Wizard is a special tool used to precisely locate and drill holes for wood dowels in building furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects. This tool, unlike others on the market, is intuitively very easy to use and set up to repeatedly drill dowel holes for a precise fit every time. We think it’s one of the best wood doweling tools on the market. This tool is made from a hard anodized lightweight aluminum with interchangeable hardened steel drill guide bushings from 3/16”, 1/4”, & 3/8”.

The drill guide bushings are auto-parallel centered to the work piece when the two side plates are positioned on the board and clamped in place using one of your own small handy shop clamps. It is very easy to see the line indicator on the tool to center the two hardened drill bushings that are spaced 1” on centers.

The Dowel Wizard was designed and developed by a woodworker for the serious woodworker that wants to do precision quick and easy repeatable doweling on his/her projects. Most woodworking projects where wood dowels are used is in building furniture, cabinets, and special jigs. Even though this tool is designed with dowel spacing between holes at 1” on centers, it can easily produce dowel spacing to whatever dimension works best for your project.

Best Wood Doweling Tool

Instructions for use:

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Insert the size drill bushings appropriate for your project. First, mark a line to center the two dowel holes on the board. Second, Place the Dowel Wizard over the board on the surface where the holes are to be drilled. Third, swing the two side plates against the board, line up the marked line with the center line between the two drill bushings on the tool (see Fig. 3), and securely clamp in place. You are now ready to drill the dowel holes. Drill these holes about 1/16” over half the length of the dowel being used. This will allow the two joining board surfaces to fit flush, preventing a gap between them.

Best Wood Doweling Tool - Dowel Wizard

This procedure is repeated for every set of two dowel holes for a precise assembling of your project.  It is common practice to use two dowels for most stile and rail assemblies (see Fig. 4), which is our reason for locating and drilling a set of two at a time.  This method is more accurate than trying to align one hole at a time like most other doweling jigs attempt to do.

Note, the clean-out slots on each side of the drill bushing holes are to prevent the build-up of wood shavings from drilling the dowel holes.

Dowel Wizard - Wood Dowel Jig

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Searching for “Best Wood Doweling Tool”?  Dowel Wizard allows you to precisely position and drill wood dowel holes.